20 April, 2007

'Digg This Page' Script / Bookmarklet

The only reason I was using the Groowe Toolbar for Firefox was the 'Digg This Page' button, really. Being a coder myself, that shouldn't be the case - why should I tolerate all the bloat for a simple button?

So, I made a script to add the current page to digg - all you have to do is drag the link below to the 'Bookmarks Toolbar' in Firefox, or right-click on it and choose 'Bookmark this link' (or 'Add to Favorites', if you are using IE)

If you are a digg user, a click on the bookmark[let] will submit the current page to digg, and if the page has already been submitted, it will take you to the digg article itself.

If you want to have a confirmation before the actual submission (to avoid accidental submissions), you can choose to use the link below instead.

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