20 April, 2007

'Digg This Page' Script / Bookmarklet

The only reason I was using the Groowe Toolbar for Firefox was the 'Digg This Page' button, really. Being a coder myself, that shouldn't be the case - why should I tolerate all the bloat for a simple button?

So, I made a script to add the current page to digg - all you have to do is drag the link below to the 'Bookmarks Toolbar' in Firefox, or right-click on it and choose 'Bookmark this link' (or 'Add to Favorites', if you are using IE)

If you are a digg user, a click on the bookmark[let] will submit the current page to digg, and if the page has already been submitted, it will take you to the digg article itself.

If you want to have a confirmation before the actual submission (to avoid accidental submissions), you can choose to use the link below instead.

11 April, 2007

Pi is Wrong!

'Pi is Wrong!', says Bob Palais, Research Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at University of Utah - the article is an scanned copy of his own post in a magazine's readers' section.

He says the current value of 2π should have been assigned to the symbol we all are familiar with, π. He has all the arguments right, too - wonder why others decided they way it is now!

07 April, 2007

Grammar Help : How to properly punctuate a sentence

Michael Leddy of Lifehack.org (not to be confused with LifeHacker.com, a similar and more popular website run by Gina Trapani) guides you through five rules to remember, to properly punctuate a sentence. Not surprisingly, he teaches college English.

He uses well-placed commas, semicolons, and colons, to dramatically improve the readability of sentences. Not only does it help the reader move through the sentence faster, it makes it that much easier to understand what exactly the writer intends to convey.

A related article by Michael himself, on 'How to Unstuff a sentence', is worth a read.