17 March, 2011

Free / Open-Source Software (FOSS) for Windows

List of Software I use on my computer. For an average computer user who only does these things, the list will give you everything you'll need -

  • Browse web pages
  • Chat with friends (text / audio / video)
  • View / Touch-up / Manage Photos
  • Watch downloaded/online movies
  • Listen to music
  • Create / Edit Office files ( Text files, SpreadSheets & Presentations - for you MSOffice addicts, that's .doc, .xls & .ppt :p )
  • Other miscellaneous things which don't correspond to a line of work.

Note 1: Win -> Windows XP/Vista/7, Lin -> Linux, any modern distro, Mac -> OSX 10.4 or later
Note 2: You may notice that many of these tools are from Google. I'm a fan, yes. But if you can find better tools, do tell me.
Note 3: When installing any software, always choose the 'Custom'/'Advanced' option (where available) and deselect anything with the words 'toolbar', 'search' or anything else you didn't intend to install when you downloaded the software. However, always enable automatic update checks.

Basic List

Intermediate List

Advanced List

  • CrossLoop - Remote Support - Win - www.crossloop.com/ Note: Click on 'download' link at the top of the site to get the installer. You don't need to sign-up to use it - click 'skip' if it prompts you to, when run (after install).
  • Speccy - System Information Tool - Win - www.piriform.com/speccy
Developer Tool

End Note: I do have much, much more. But this should get you started :)