22 March, 2007

Crows adapting to City Life..

Yep, birds are smart alright! Crows are especially pretty smart, as compared to other birds.

They even sense the danger when someone tries to pick up a stone, looking at them. Not the friendly type though..

20 March, 2007

Illustrated Google Wishlist: Google Drive

While personally I've been using GSpace Extension for Firefox for some time, it seems the world has gone quite ahead with the idea of using Google's 2.8GB (and counting) -sized inbox.

While Google was rumored to have plans for a similar project called 'Platypus', these people have taken it to a whole new level. And, it looks awesome! I mean, who wouldn't want 10GB of online storage?!

Maybe we'll all be backing up our hard disks to a server one day. Why not today, right now? Because my 'broadband' speed isn't exactly measured in GBps, that's why not.

14 March, 2007

Tips for Using Images in Blogs

This post on the 'Google Blogoscoped' blog hints on some helpful things to remember, when using images in your blog posts.

Good read, except that they seem to dislike the GIF format, which I use frequently on my websites. Being a web designer, I would prefer to use GIF-formatted images on my site than PNG ones. Why?

When displaying graphics with transparent portions (such as a curved border for a section), GIF is the only way to go. This is because IE6 doesn't fully support PNG transparency, and will cause problems when using PNGs, more often than not.

There seems to be some efforts to solve this, but a workaround is always a workaround.