19 January, 2007

Syncosoft gets an Official Website!

Life is basically revolving around our Office these days, and today we felt great to finally have an official website for our company.

www.Syncosoft.net is finally up as of today; we have put up an 'Under Construction' message for now. Will include much more later, but right now we are just setting up the email system (Via Google Apps for Your Domain program) for official messaging. Our IDs(@syncosoft.net) are now active, and we've also printed out our visiting cards with the new ids as well.

www.SmartKerala.com has also been registered, will think of something to put up there, soon.

Oh, and we've decided the official job titles for all the partners as well. I'm the 'Chief Software Architect' :)

EDIT : Now, 'Chief Financial Officer' too.

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