07 December, 2007

BREAKING : Get your @live.in email address right now!

Microsoft enabled public signups to their live.com email addresses exactly 1 month ago, but Indians couldn't sign up because it was only available from US locations. I tried a few URL hacks, but those didn't work. Kept trying for weeks, but it wasn't working at all... until now!

Okay, it isn't @live.com - but @live.in is even kewler!! (As in, you know - LIVE IN, like the Jeans Brand?) All you have to do is go to the signup page and click on the 'Get It' button to signup. The best thing is, since this hasn't been announced officially (well, I haven't heard :D ), virtually all email usernames are available for the taking - I just got ashley[at]live.in!!! No need to add numbers & random junk to get an address you really want!

Note: You have to access it from India to get the live.in address. Otherwise, it will be the country-specific TLD that shows up. It is also possible that you get only a hotmail.com address as the option..

EDIT: Forgot to mention, Microsoft already provides lots of custom domains for their 'Windows Live Hotmail' email services at CoolHotmail.com, exclusively for Indians (Anyone can get it, but the domains are mostly India-specific: such as bangalorerocks.in, bornleader.co.in, chennairocks.in, clubaishwarya.com, clubasin.in, clubdravid.com, clubsachin.com, clubsrk.com, ilovebhavans.in & ilovekabbadi.com, to mention just a few.)


  1. the new msn live services look very pretty. but i havent seen one single reason for me to leave gmail.

    p.s. changed my blog to http://thegrotesquerie.wordpress.com update blogroll, feeds accordingly. sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Pretty? Maybe. Perhaps a little slower that Gmail as well. But what do you do when you need to chat with someone who only uses MSN / Windows_Live messenger? Besides, and additional 5GB storage space wouldn't hurt, would it?