05 November, 2007

Yahoo! KickStart - Social Network to connect Employed Alumni with Students

Here comes KickStart, a new service (now in testing phase) from Yahoo! to form a professional social network for Students & Alumni, which helps you find inside contacts in companies they aspire to join. Looks like LinkedIn, in some ways..

Excerpts from some technology sites' reviews:

"...give users profile pages which are focused on the user's resume..." - TechCrunch

"...Yahoo Kickstart may never see the light of day: it's still a concept in testing with college students. But if the tests are a success, Yahoo will roll out the network officially" - Mashable

"...network for recent graduates looking for a fast track to viable employment. The concept certainly sounds good — particularly the idea of connecting graduating students with alumni who want to help them get an in with companies. " - Wired News

"...endeavours to help recent college graduates find jobs using social-networking features. It will allow students to connect with fellow classmates, alumni and companies who may be able to help them with their budding careers." - Indiatimes Infotech

Check it out at http://kickstart.yahoo.com/

( Detailed review at CNET Blog )

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