18 May, 2006

Aaah... The Good Times Never Last !


Blue Frog killed by Russian spammer

Site squished
By Nick Farrell: Wednesday 17 May 2006, 16:04

VALIANT ERAN RESHEF, who fought off spammers by sending them spam back, has lost his battle against a Russian spammer.

Reshef's firm, Blue Security, ran a program called 'Blue Frog' which signed up 522,000 punters who agreed to send a spammer an automatic email when they received spam.

But a Russian spammer decided to counter attack and flooded Blue Security with so much Internet traffic that it blocked legitimate visitors from going to Bluesecurity.com, as well as to other Web sites.

He also threatened members in the Blue Frog group that they would also be shut down.

Now, Reshef has said that he has to wave a virtual white flag and surrender. Blue Frog has now shut and its Web site will display a message informing its customers about the closure.

Reshef said that it was the only choice he had, as the only alternative was to start a full-scale cyber-war "that we just don't have the authority to start".

» More Detailed Washington Post Article

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